Managing The Product Categories.


Managing The Product Categories.

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This is one of the most important parts to consider, because depending on the organization of its categories may classify products you add to your shop later. 

WEB SHOP + has a hierarchical categories system with 3 degrees of depth, after which you can sort your products. An example of this organization would be: 

No limit number of Categories in any of the 3 levels. 

Categories, besides to classify products, also are used to generate dynamic navigation menus. where each category of each level creates a new entry in the menu.


How do I create Categories?


Just type the name of each category level, and immediately click "Save Categorys" abir and a heart beat, vera category structure on the right. 

To add more Subcategories, just type in Parent Category, the name of the main Category where you want to add a Subcategory. and so on.




How do I delete a Categorie?

You can click on the X button next to every single categorie, subcategorie or child categorie and it will be deleted.

Create some categories, and move on to the next chapter: 

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