Back end Instalation


Back end Instalation

Publish 2018-10-19 08:23:50 by admin

The installation process is really easy. We have created an installer that does all the work, just have to provide the basic parameters and everything will be installed in the blink of an eye.

1º. Upload the file "install.php" to your server. 

2º. Open your favorite browser, and enter the url "", where is the url of your website.

3º. Enter the combination of email and activation key that you received via email when you make your purchase.

4º.Once done, click on the button "next step" and we will set up the connection to the database.

5º.Enter Data Connection to your database. If you're not sure you have entered the data correctly, check if the connection is done successfully with the data entered by clicking on "Test Database Configuration". Once the configuration is correct, click "Save Database Configuration" and then click "next step".

6º. We're almost finished. Now it select a password for user "admin" and enter the email address and full name. click on "Save Admin configuration" and then we will click on "Final Step".

7º. Congratulations, the installation process is over. Now we can choose to automatically delete the installer (which we recommend) or finish installation, and go to the Back end.