About the management of products.


About the management of products.

Publish 2019-02-19 23:37:29 by admin

If we return to the control panel, and click on "manage Products" will access the Dashboard product from our online store. 

Here we can perform various actions, while obtaining information about the products that are in the online store. 

To add a new product we just click on the button "New Product" and this will open us to the publisher of products. 

Once in the editor, we can see the following: 

To the left of the screen we can see the Document menu, where you can perform actions like save, cancel, and some quick links to sections of the publisher of products.

Just below we find the "page status" that tells us whether the changes we've made to the product have been successfully saved or not. 

To the right of the screen we can see the editor itself.

The editor is comprised of several sections each function involved in a different system. 

Here we choose the category or categories for the product you wish to add to the product. 

Here we insert the item name. 

This text box is the use for the more detailed product description. In order for us to format, insert tables or anything else that serves to describe the product we have integrated ckeditor 4.0, which will make our life much easier. 

This section may insert photographs or images that accompany the product. Within this selection are two subsections. The first is the main descriptive picture we find in the product listings. In the second section we can choose up to six different images accompanying the product such as pictures of the same product but in different colors. In total we can include up to a total of 7 images. 

Product video: 
This section is optional. Here you can include a video description of the product that is hosted on youtube.com 

Product data: 
This is again a very important section. This is where we define the price, taxes, etc.. Also we will add options to the product which may or may not affect the final price. It is very important not to forget to enter a unique product code or (SKU code) because many of the system functions vested in the SKU code, in addition to being a unique identifier for each product which can match the barcode.

Product Promotion / Discount: 
here we can set the discounts and we want to take place in the product and in turn provide the exact start and end dates of the promotion on discount, which will only be effective within the marked margins, and the System automatically manages your.

Search Engine Optimization: 
Here designate the page name, short description, and keywords of the product page. These data are very important because our link to pages based on recognizable names or friendly with the search engines (SEO). 
Try the short description is concise and contains important product data, but try not to exceed ten or fifteen words.


once entered the data relevant to the product you wish to add, click on the left button "Save Product" and our product be added to the database and we will be redirected back to the "dashboard" of products.